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Which type of Beard Oil are you?

Only a few days left until Movember, Ladies & Gentlemen! It is that time of the year - Gentlemen all over the world are getting together for a good cause. Let your moustaches grow! You can read up more about The Movember Foundation right here. --- And for all of you that are struggling with dry skin & itchiness we have collected our selection of Beard Oils for you, so you can find the best product for your skin & beard type. No need to pretend to be manly and ignore the discomfort, rather enjoy your Mo! Here you go, which type of Beard Oil are you? #1 The Italian Choice, Proraso Beard Oil is formulated for a long, thick beard to...

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Capture your moments on the go!

Which InstaLens are you?  We are a growing culture of impatience, we demand instant results, we are an instant society. And we are extremely happy to have InstaLens!  Because we want to capture moments in our lives on the go, we want our creative outcome to be perfect. With the right lens, we can get the right results! "The Detail Lover" You appreciate what this world has to offer, you love all the textures of life. For you, it’s all about the details! A magnifying glass that’s with you at all times.      --- "The Party Animal"  You are the free spirit, your heart is full of creativity and fun ideas. You are different & dynamic. The Fisheye is your perfect companion. ---...

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Ch ch ch changes

  Question: Have urbanites forgotten how to notice the turning of the seasons? -Andrew Mueller, Monocle July/August 2015   We live in a city surrounded nature (Cape Town, obvs!); on the one side we have the sparkling ocean that brings refreshment on a hot day and the mountain that offers security and shelter, if only to our wandering hearts. Being so close to nature, you’d think we would be able to read the seasons like the back of our hands, but we don’t. At the first drop of rain our social media fills up with dismay and despair: Alas, the great winter is upon us! And those same wailers are the first to celebrate the first random ray of sunshine...

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All I can remember from Fashion Week.

Support your local department store. Anya Hindmarch has shown us that Local is indeed Lekker. Coupling sportsluxe with everyday iconography has proven to be a hit when logos of British companies were worked into high fashion designs, some subtle, some not so much. But hey, it worked! I’d love to see some South African designers come up with Pick ‘n Pay bag or a Shoprite bomber – I’d totes buy it!   The nineties are back…still. Yeah yeah, I don’t want to hear it. You think you’re sick of the nineties. Well you ain’t, believe me. Because remember being really young and staring wide-eyed at that Liz Hurley dress? Well ladies, now you’re old enough to wear it without ending...

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