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Fathers Day | Cheers, Dad!

Who taught you to ride a bike? Who taught you how to drive? How to shave? How to catch a ball? Who gave you the courage to stand up to that bully at school? Who forced you to get your first job? And even though you hated every second of it, you're thankful for the valuable lessons it taught you.

Sure, Mom is the sweeter one of the two:  she's the one who bakes and cooks like no one else can, she's the one who keeps you out of trouble with Dad and always snuck you that extra little bit of pocket money.  But let's face it, Dad is pretty much a super hero. He can fix anything (or at least knows someone who can), he's got the answers to all your problems (or at least knows someone who does) and he's always there when you need to be saved.


So why don't you show him some appreciation and treat him this Father's Day.  But don't be lame and buy him biltong. Seriously, that's lame.

We bought my father-in-law a lens for his phone and he's like a child again! (Thankfully he hasn't taken to the selfie fad..) Or better yet, go the nostalgic route and get him a Lomo Instant camera. For the more modern Dad, opt for something like a beard kit or maybe even a manicure set. But of course, no matter what kind of Dad you have, a classic watch will always be the winning choice.

Now that you're not an awkward teenager anymore I think it's time to show some recognition for all the things he's done for you.

Cheers, Dad!

Author | Annamé Kleynscheldt

Annamé started her career in fashion as a personal shopper for Stuttafords, before landing a gig as fashion columnist for the lifestyle publication, The Month. Following a successful tenure in freelance fashion styling, working on both local and international publications, she has returned to her roots in personal shopping. Based at Topshop’s V&A flagship, she can be found saving one fashion victim at a time. |  Annamé on Twitter


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