"Dinosaurs!? Hand me my heels!" – The Handlers

"Dinosaurs!? Hand me my heels!"

"Dinosaurs!? Hand me my heels!"

So a while ago the new Jurassic movie launched and aaaall the nerds dragged their girlfriends to the cinema. And the girlfriends enjoyed the movie way too much.
Two reasons:

1. Chris Pratt.
2. A girl kicked a Dino's ass. In a gorgeously nude pair of Sam Edelman heels.

And now the world stands divided: is she the coolest heroine since Princess Fiona, or is this just too ridiculous to be believable? 

Ok, so look past all the extinct dinosaurs running around (cause that's totally believable) and let's look at the possibility of a girl out running a butch ex-navy Velociraptor tamer and a couple of dino's. First of all boys, have you ever tried to run in heels? Probably not. It is, in fact, easier to run in heels than it is to elegantly walk in them. In an interview with Bryce Dallas Howard it was revealed that the costume department fashioned a pair of wedge sneakers, painted to look like the heels. After hurting her ankle while running in these, she returned to her trusty heels in which she could easily run around in the forest without even getting a blister, providing us with the best running sequences since whatever Tom Cruise's last movie was.

Don't believe me? Well I suggest you try it. There's even a how-to guide on wikihow.com.
The trick is to get yourself a good quality pair of heels, preferably leather.
Don't go breaking your ankle trying to run in plastic heels and then blame it on me.

So it turns out Claire is the true hero of the movie, proving that you cannot judge a pretty girl on her appearance until you set loose a few crazy dino's.
And that is why I loved this movie way more than any nerd.

Also, Chris Pratt. 



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