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It's not summer yet!!

It's not summer yet!!

So WHY are we seeing tanks and shorts all around? (Did I spot a bikini??) Have retailers become like Capetonians, who at the first ray of sunshine proclaim their everlasting love for summer and set off to the beach? And does this mean that while the first snow is sifting down on the mountains, we now have to start buying our summer wardrobe? 

You know how the retailers start celebrating Christmas in September? Well, just because they plan in advance doesn't mean we won't wait until Christmas Eve to buy our gifts. It's the same with summer stock, just because it's there doesn't mean you have to buy it now. If you spot something you absolutely cannot be seen without this summer, then go ahead and get it. When it comes to higher priced items, though, give it some time because often these end up on sale - so wait if you can!

But seriously, regarding t-shirts, shorts, sandals and the rest of the regular summer items, you can definitely hold off for now. These days most retailers receive new stock on a weekly basis, which means that this summer you will have at least 10 opportunities at each of the bazillion different shops to find those perfect summer items. So again, unless it's an I-cannot-live-another-day-without-this kinda item, put it down and step away.

Go have a coffee and update your Pinterest summer wardrobe board until you’ve cleared you head. 




Author | Annamé Kleynscheldt

Annamé started her career in fashion as a personal shopper for Stuttafords, before landing a gig as fashion columnist for the lifestyle publication, The Month. Following a successful tenure in freelance fashion styling, working on both local and international publications, she has returned to her roots in personal shopping. Based at Topshop’s V&A flagship, she can be found saving one fashion victim at a time. |  Annamé on Twitter

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