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Local is lame.

Is it just me, or are we seeing a lot of second rate fashion shoots these days in some major publications?

Why is that? What are we missing? What is it that takes a model from nobody to Kate Moss? What does it take for a photographer to go from boring to Annie Leibovitz? Yes, of course unlimited budgets and good genes play a big role in their success, but it takes more than a pretty face and bags of money to create something truly gorgeous that will inspire and excite.
I mean, just look at that nasty shoot Kimye did with Juergen Teller.
Lately I've seen a lot of shoots that are just plain horrible. Lacking in concept, originality and in some cases, taste. And sadly, many of these shoots have been local productions. I feel we're stuck in a groove, looking too much at what’s been done, what would our audience find pleasing or what’s trending.

Sure, we need to keep our audience in mind when planning campaigns or designing new ranges, after all you still need to pay the bills. But don’t you agree that it is our responsibility to educate the masses and nudge them out of their comfort zones? We need to become more assertive and steer local trends in the direction of international fashion, without losing our individuality.

Don’t get me wrong, there are still a few creatives out there who are constantly pushing boundaries, experimenting with new ideas and twisting old ones. And in this past Fashion Week I have seen some wonderful talent without a trace of self consciousness, experimenting with ideas and expressing their emotions through design. This is what we need more of: creative visionaries who aren’t afraid to cross boundaries and explore what lies beyond. And we, the audience, need to be open to experience new ideas not just expect to see something pretty.

Creating something that will leave audiences in awe and wonder needs three things: unquenchable creativity, a desire to explore something new and a welcoming audience. We have so much talent in this country and we’re not afraid of hard work, we need to start trusting our gut and put work out there that makes us feel proud and excited.

The way we think about the local fashion industry needs to change. We have more than enough talent and we need to use it. Young talent needs to be mentored and given a chance to show their worth. That’s the only way we can keep up with international fashion world.

So yes, this has been quite a rant but it’s only because I see the incredible talent around us being wasted and we have so much more to give.


Author | Annamé Kleynscheldt

Annamé started her career in fashion as a personal shopper for Stuttafords, before landing a gig as fashion columnist for the lifestyle publication, The Month. Following a successful tenure in freelance fashion styling, working on both local and international publications, she has returned to her roots in personal shopping. Based at Topshop’s V&A flagship, she can be found saving one fashion victim at a time. |  Annamé on Twitter

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