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Kinda like it when it goes POP!

Kinda like it when it goes POP!

New York Fashion week is at its end and my, was it glorious! 

We saw designers living up to their reputation of wooing crowds with their dreamy creations and others breaking away from their preppy image to have some fun:
reggae beats, disco divas and grownup silhouettes graced the runway.

In keeping with the current trends, we saw gorgeous creations inspired by the seventies, with nods to the nineties and romantic threads of gothic designs weaving throughout.
And then there’s Jeremy Scott.
I must say his 2014 designs for Moschino was kinda lost on me; the whole “let’s wear candy wrappers, who lives in a pineapple under the sea” vibe didn’t quite speak to me. I was a late bloomer in this department; it took Anya Hindmarch to beautifully incorporate Tony the Tiger into a structured handbag before I could fall in love with the whole idea of pop fashion.
So, not being a fan, I came across these incredibly fun, colourful, over-the-top (but totally wearable) designs that I loved. Imagine my delight when I realised I finally like a Jeremy Scott design! (Cause sometimes I also want to be one of the cool kids) With everyone else still pottering around in the current trends, Scott decided upon a different retro decade with which to tease our senses.

Playfully incorporating elements from the late 60’s, be it silhouettes, accessories or go-go girl hairstyles, he shows us that the fashion world is ready to move on from serious romance to spring fling.

I don’t know if I love it simply because the designs are so different to everyone else’s or if it’s the fresh and colourful prints, my favourite being the crayon scribbles.
Or maybe because of the Barbarella-meets-Barbie vibe?
Writing this, I realise his collection has some of my own childhood wrapped up in it: the Barbie inspired hair, the colourful funny faces and then, Barbarella. I was way too young when I stumbled across that movie; fascinated by young Jane Fonda’s pretty hair, cool outfits and her fur-lined spaceship. I didn’t understand much and was completely traumatised by the demon dolls (I had successfully suppressed that memory until now), but it left an impression on me and I am forever stuck with a guilty appreciation for faux fur and spaceboots.

Well whatever it is, I’m starting to value Scott’s insight (late bloomer, I know) and really looking forward to how fashion will evolve into the next phase of playfulness.
Now let’s see what London Fashion Week has to offer!

Author | Annamé Kleynscheldt

Annamé started her career in fashion as a personal shopper for Stuttafords, before landing a gig as fashion columnist for the lifestyle publication, The Month. Following a successful tenure in freelance fashion styling, working on both local and international publications, she has returned to her roots in personal shopping. Based at Topshop’s V&A flagship, she can be found saving one fashion victim at a time. |  Annamé on Twitter

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