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All I can remember from Fashion Week.

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Anya Hindmarch has shown us that Local is indeed Lekker. Coupling sportsluxe with everyday iconography has proven to be a hit when logos of British companies were worked into high fashion designs, some subtle, some not so much. But hey, it worked! I’d love to see some South African designers come up with Pick ‘n Pay bag or a Shoprite bomber – I’d totes buy it!


The nineties are back…still.

Yeah yeah, I don’t want to hear it. You think you’re sick of the nineties. Well you ain’t, believe me. Because remember being really young and staring wide-eyed at that Liz Hurley dress? Well ladies, now you’re old enough to wear it without ending up in the back pages of Die Huisgenoot. Cushnie Et Ochs made it slightly more demure by covering the décolletage and changing the colour to a harmless lemony yellow. But this time the slits go aaall the way up and down. Explaining this to the husband he asked: “Like a poncho?”

You need yourself a chicken friend.

I don’t know, but Victoria Beckham says so. And also loads of bold seventies prints – yay!



Marc Jacobs has reawakened the fascination and mystique of the Golden Age by reminding us of the romance of the opulent post gold rush, pre-war America. Show girl lace up booties, Ziegfield Follies stripes and a very cute 1940’s sailor vibe all spiced up with some early punk touches. Sequins and ruffles and red and blue and white all make for one very patriotic range – and it’s so pretty!

She was a skater girl?

Chiffon, sparkles, ruffles, mesh, mermaids on skateboards?! Ashish, I think I’m in love. Sequined bucket hats! I can’t. Just go check it out. *heart eyes*


Always, always, ALWAYS

Remember to make it your own. If you wanna customize your gear with some spray paint a la Christopher Kane, go for it. If patches is your thing, remember to cover everything: your jeans, your coat, handbag, shoes hell even your phone. Fashion is here to serve you. Not the other way around.

Author | Annamé Kleynscheldt

Annamé started her career in fashion as a personal shopper for Stuttafords, before landing a gig as fashion columnist for the lifestyle publication, The Month. Following a successful tenure in freelance fashion styling, working on both local and international publications, she has returned to her roots in personal shopping. Based at Topshop’s V&A flagship, she can be found saving one fashion victim at a time. |  Annamé on Twitter

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