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Capture your moments on the go!

Which InstaLens are you? 

We are a growing culture of impatience, we demand instant results, we are an instant society. And we are extremely happy to have InstaLens! 
Because we want to capture moments in our lives on the go, we want our creative outcome to be perfect. With the right lens, we can get the right results!

"The Detail Lover"

You appreciate what this world has to offer, you love all the textures of life. For you, it’s all about the details! A magnifying glass that’s with you at all times.




"The Party Animal"

 You are the free spirit, your heart is full of creativity and fun ideas. You are different & dynamic. The Fisheye is your perfect companion.




You love the bigger picture, but you also want to be closer. Zoom into the wide wide world from your own perspective.



 “I-want-it-all” in 1 shot is what this InstaLens is screaming. Are you the adventurer that jumps out of the plane to take the perfect picture of the world?


"The Clarity Pro"

 You are the perfectionist, you live for clarity and quality. Your expectations are high - Digital filters will never match, that’s why you love The Polarizer.


 The InstaLens Collection is compatible with basically any phone or device with a camera on it.

Choose your favourite one and get it delivered to your doorstep! Free delivery!


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