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Coolness on scale from Latte to Cortado

It’s Monday morning and you’ve just gone through most of your emails and all you know is that you desperately need a coffee.  You slip down to the trendy coffee shop across the road and order your usual.  But wait, did that barista just give you a dirty look?  Did he judge you by your coffee order?  Yep, that just happened. Apparently that’s a thing; judging people by the type of coffee they order.Sure, it makes sense sometimes: you’re extra tired so you order a double shot espresso, you’re feeling hot so you order an iced coffee.  But it’s gone further than that, people are now judging your personality according to your latte.  And let me tell you, a latte...

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It’s Time for Little Time

It’s interesting to see how fashion develops over the years. Or maybe not develop as much as swing back and forth like a pendulum. This might sound like I’m implying that fashion is super predictable and mundane, but it’s not at all. Fashion trends can take years to build up to a point where it tips and turns into the next craze. Take watches as an example.  For years guys have been sporting oversized watches with blingy details and dials, the bigger the better (reaching crazy measurements like 58mm in diameter!). With Mad Men taking over our screens in 2007 we were dazzled by the old-worldly styles and fashions and subtly introduced to the smaller, more gentlemanly wristwatch (some as small...

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Socks and the City

Socks and the City It is said that much can be told about a man judging by his shoes. In my opinion, you can tell even more by his socks.Long gone are the days when socks were merely worn for comfort. More and more, men are looking to their socks to make a statement and adding a bold pair to your outfit is a good place to start when experimenting with fashion. And the assortment surely won’t disappoint! These days there’s something for everyone: stripes for when you’re feeling preppy, and flashy prints in brighter colours when you’re looking to make a daring statement. Unless you’re a student at some art school – please gents, stay away from marijuana leaf...

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