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It's not summer yet!!

It's not summer yet!!So WHY are we seeing tanks and shorts all around? (Did I spot a bikini??) Have retailers become like Capetonians, who at the first ray of sunshine proclaim their everlasting love for summer and set off to the beach? And does this mean that while the first snow is sifting down on the mountains, we now have to start buying our summer wardrobe? You know how the retailers start celebrating Christmas in September? Well, just because they plan in advance doesn't mean we won't wait until Christmas Eve to buy our gifts. It's the same with summer stock, just because it's there doesn't mean you have to buy it now. If you spot something you absolutely cannot be...

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Coolness on scale from Latte to Cortado

It’s Monday morning and you’ve just gone through most of your emails and all you know is that you desperately need a coffee.  You slip down to the trendy coffee shop across the road and order your usual.  But wait, did that barista just give you a dirty look?  Did he judge you by your coffee order?  Yep, that just happened. Apparently that’s a thing; judging people by the type of coffee they order.Sure, it makes sense sometimes: you’re extra tired so you order a double shot espresso, you’re feeling hot so you order an iced coffee.  But it’s gone further than that, people are now judging your personality according to your latte.  And let me tell you, a latte...

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