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All I can remember from Fashion Week.

Support your local department store. Anya Hindmarch has shown us that Local is indeed Lekker. Coupling sportsluxe with everyday iconography has proven to be a hit when logos of British companies were worked into high fashion designs, some subtle, some not so much. But hey, it worked! I’d love to see some South African designers come up with Pick ‘n Pay bag or a Shoprite bomber – I’d totes buy it!   The nineties are back…still. Yeah yeah, I don’t want to hear it. You think you’re sick of the nineties. Well you ain’t, believe me. Because remember being really young and staring wide-eyed at that Liz Hurley dress? Well ladies, now you’re old enough to wear it without ending...

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Kinda like it when it goes POP!

Kinda like it when it goes POP! New York Fashion week is at its end and my, was it glorious! We saw designers living up to their reputation of wooing crowds with their dreamy creations and others breaking away from their preppy image to have some fun: reggae beats, disco divas and grownup silhouettes graced the runway. In keeping with the current trends, we saw gorgeous creations inspired by the seventies, with nods to the nineties and romantic threads of gothic designs weaving throughout. And then there’s Jeremy Scott. I must say his 2014 designs for Moschino was kinda lost on me; the whole “let’s wear candy wrappers, who lives in a pineapple under the sea” vibe didn’t quite speak to...

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The Uncovered Treasures Of African Fashion

  Centuries ago, explorers flocked to the wild continent of Africa in search of adventures, new discoveries and treasures. Countless men risked their lives and travelled to this unknown world upon hearing rumours of gold, beautiful women, strange wildlife roaming the vast plains and many more such tales. What they found would inspire and intrigue the world for centuries to come. And still does, to this day.  Africa has been explored, ploughed over and colonised from Cape to Cairo but still she has kept her culture strong, her personality shines through stronger than ever.  These days, travellers use the Internet and social media platforms to discover this still unknown continent. And still they are intrigued, fascinated and sometimes somewhat confused...

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SA Menswear Week: How to sound fashionably informed

Alright guys, as you know the South African Menswear Week just finished and it was gorgeous. And if you didn't know this, just repeat after me and you'll be fine: "I just loved how the designers captured the modern man with just a touch of old worldly charm".That should make you sound like you know what you're talking about. But if you're in conversation with a fashionista, they might want to take it further by asking you who you liked most. Now don't stress, just answer with enough enthusiasm and say something like "Ag, I don't know.. I loved them all! There was such a wonderful variety of colours and silhouettes. It's too hard to choose!" And then quickly counter...

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