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The Devil wears Prada.. or Mr Price or whatever

When you walk into a boutique or some haute-as-sh*t little designer shop and the snooty shop assistant gives you that look and just sits there behind their tiny little desk and watch you in contempt, it kinda spoils the experience doesn't it? You turn into this nervous schoolchild, trying to act as casual as possible while hurrying through the shop just to get away from all the judgement. And you leave there feeling small and poor and very uncool (You're just wearing a t-shirt and jeans? How very unfabulous, duh!) And so, you turn to Facebook and you rant. Quite rightly so. You rant about the bad service you just received, how you could have bought something if you really...

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SA Menswear Week: How to sound fashionably informed

Alright guys, as you know the South African Menswear Week just finished and it was gorgeous. And if you didn't know this, just repeat after me and you'll be fine: "I just loved how the designers captured the modern man with just a touch of old worldly charm".That should make you sound like you know what you're talking about. But if you're in conversation with a fashionista, they might want to take it further by asking you who you liked most. Now don't stress, just answer with enough enthusiasm and say something like "Ag, I don't know.. I loved them all! There was such a wonderful variety of colours and silhouettes. It's too hard to choose!" And then quickly counter...

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