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Semi-formal: about as bewildering as the term “we’re just friends”

Semi-formal: about as bewildering as the term “we’re just friends”. So your mate is finally getting married to that preppy girl he’s been dating for way too long.  But the invitation you received in the mail doesn’t look like he’s been consulted at all. Somewhere in between all the ribbons, doves and Celine Dion lyrics, you spot the dress code: semi-formal. Good! He must have put his foot down when she wanted black tie? But wait, what the hell does semi-formal mean? Somewhere between formal and casual, right? So that means… a formal blazer, a t-shirt and those killer sneaks you recently purchased… right? Slow down, Kanye. I suggest you read on. Semi-formal unfortunately still suggests that the attire be formal,...

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Socks and the City

Socks and the City It is said that much can be told about a man judging by his shoes. In my opinion, you can tell even more by his socks.Long gone are the days when socks were merely worn for comfort. More and more, men are looking to their socks to make a statement and adding a bold pair to your outfit is a good place to start when experimenting with fashion. And the assortment surely won’t disappoint! These days there’s something for everyone: stripes for when you’re feeling preppy, and flashy prints in brighter colours when you’re looking to make a daring statement. Unless you’re a student at some art school – please gents, stay away from marijuana leaf...

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The Shaving Brush

The Shaving Brush In the 1800s a shaving brush became a status symbol, when the folding-handle straight razor design made it practical for men to shave themselves rather than visit a barber. An expensive brush (badger hair) or eccentric brush with exotic handles (ivory, gold, silver, tortoise shell, crystal, porcelain etc.) was a way of asserting one’s personality or even affluence. Cheaper brushes used boar’s or horse’s hair – the quality of these brushes differed greatly. Badger hair is more flexible and softer than bristle. You can find shaving brushes with pure badger hair (made in Germany) in our Gentlemen’s Corner.  

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