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The Devil wears Prada.. or Mr Price or whatever

When you walk into a boutique or some haute-as-sh*t little designer shop and the snooty shop assistant gives you that look and just sits there behind their tiny little desk and watch you in contempt, it kinda spoils the experience doesn't it? You turn into this nervous schoolchild, trying to act as casual as possible while hurrying through the shop just to get away from all the judgement. And you leave there feeling small and poor and very uncool (You're just wearing a t-shirt and jeans? How very unfabulous, duh!) And so, you turn to Facebook and you rant. Quite rightly so. You rant about the bad service you just received, how you could have bought something if you really...

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Forget palms if you want to read into a man’s life. Look at his nails!

Forget palms if you want to read into a man’s life. Look at his nails: are they chewed to the quick, are they grubby and long? Yes? I’m sorry guys, I’m gonna have to ask the ladies to step away. In today’s world the term “metrosexual” no longer prompts giggles but is an acceptable and appreciated description of the modern man. It’s no longer strange for men to go for facials, waxes, manicures or pedicures. Most salons offer a metrosexual pamper package and the rise of the male-only salon is on the horizon. Sure, getting french tips might be going a little over the top, but getting those toenails clipped professionally will not only prevent ingrown nails, it will also...

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Less Hobo more Hipster

Gentlemen, there is NOTHING attractive about a scraggly beard. If you want to boast about your manliness by growing your facial hair, you need to take care not to look unkempt. Remember: there’s a fine line between hobo and hipster — it lies in the beard. Say you want to join the brotherhood of beards but you’re not exactly Jon Hamm, visit a trusted barber to find out what styles to try, explaining your dilemma. Once you found the style that suits you best, grooming regularly and using the correct products will keep your beard looking epic. A product like beard oil will protect and soften your beard to give it a healthier appearance while moustache wax is specially formulated...

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You can tell a lot about people by their shoes

You can tell a lot about people by their shoes. A Gentleman should always keep his shoes shined! Why you need to take care of your leather shoes. It’s not just about making your shoes look good. It’s about protecting them and keeping them in great shape. A proper pair of leather shoes are an investment and will last you more than just a season, if you look after them! Without proper care, leather can dry out and even crack and fall apart. You can find a basic set to buff and shine your shoes – with black and neutral polishes, cleaning cloth and two brushes from the Wild and Wolf Gentlemen’s Hardware Collection.

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