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Fathers Day | Cheers, Dad!

Who taught you to ride a bike? Who taught you how to drive? How to shave? How to catch a ball? Who gave you the courage to stand up to that bully at school? Who forced you to get your first job? And even though you hated every second of it, you're thankful for the valuable lessons it taught you. Sure, Mom is the sweeter one of the two:  she's the one who bakes and cooks like no one else can, she's the one who keeps you out of trouble with Dad and always snuck you that extra little bit of pocket money.  But let's face it, Dad is pretty much a super hero. He can fix anything (or at...

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Forget palms if you want to read into a man’s life. Look at his nails!

Forget palms if you want to read into a man’s life. Look at his nails: are they chewed to the quick, are they grubby and long? Yes? I’m sorry guys, I’m gonna have to ask the ladies to step away. In today’s world the term “metrosexual” no longer prompts giggles but is an acceptable and appreciated description of the modern man. It’s no longer strange for men to go for facials, waxes, manicures or pedicures. Most salons offer a metrosexual pamper package and the rise of the male-only salon is on the horizon. Sure, getting french tips might be going a little over the top, but getting those toenails clipped professionally will not only prevent ingrown nails, it will also...

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