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Know your basics.

And no, we are not talking about chemistry or substandard girls. In my training as an Image Consultant (yes, like Chata Romano. Can we continue now?) I was taught all about body shapes, colours to suit your complexion, face shapes and the dreaded “7 basics for every wardrobe”. The latter included things like “the tailored black trouser”, “the classic white shirt” and more such offensive generalisations. With every consultation I would be ready with my list of basics and even added some daring deviations like an array of cardigans. This gave the client clear must-haves for their wardrobe and off we went on our merry way to find these items that will save them from any future fashion emergencies. Now,...

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It's not summer yet!!

It's not summer yet!!So WHY are we seeing tanks and shorts all around? (Did I spot a bikini??) Have retailers become like Capetonians, who at the first ray of sunshine proclaim their everlasting love for summer and set off to the beach? And does this mean that while the first snow is sifting down on the mountains, we now have to start buying our summer wardrobe? You know how the retailers start celebrating Christmas in September? Well, just because they plan in advance doesn't mean we won't wait until Christmas Eve to buy our gifts. It's the same with summer stock, just because it's there doesn't mean you have to buy it now. If you spot something you absolutely cannot be...

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"This is why your wardrobe sucks"

Ok guys, the next time she tries to convince you to buy clothing "because it will go with everything", say no. You've heard it many times, she's standing in front of her bulging wardrobe and she has NOTHING to wear. Don't you just love how that always happens minutes before you have to leave? Well, that's because she has a whole wardrobe full of practical items. Now, practicality has its place, but sometimes we have to rock the boat in order to keep things fresh. Think about it: practical items are usually plain and neutral in colour. These are items you can wear on most occasions and it goes with basically everything in your wardrobe, which isn't necessarily a bad...

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