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Top 5 Travel Tips from an International Makeup Artist

As an international makeup artist, I have been lucky enough to traverse the globe, I have spent a fair amount of time in airports, on airplanes and in Ubers. Let’s be honest, as amazing as travelling is, there are a few things that go along with it that are less than fabulous. I am going to share my top 5 tips for making travel easier.


Lost In Translation

A language barrier can cause a lot of trouble in another country, I always make sure I have learned a few key words in the local language and make sure that a translate app is readily available. Don’t assume that English is spoken everywhere, it definitely isn’t and making the effort goes a long way with the locals.


Cash Is King

Making sure you have some cash in the local currency can be a lifesaver, not all cabs take credit cards and depending where you are you may get charged exorbitant bank fees. Its also most helpful to be able to tip, buy small items (a lot of places have a minimum swipe amount)


Pillow Talk

When flying coach, being able to sleep can be a real struggle, I personally find my back         takes strain so making sure you have a good travel pillow is key. I favoura memory foam option that’s not too thick and it has to have a loop to clip onto your bag. I then tuck the one that the airline gives you in the small of my back and am much more comfortable.


Carry On Kit

What you take in your carry-on luggage can also greatly enhance your travel experience. My first item is always water, I find airlines rarely give enough and its always in a small cup so you can’t really keep it for later. Next up is a pair of fluffy socks, I remove my shoes at the first chance I get and change into my socks for the majority of the flight. A change of underwear and clothes – especially on a long-haul flight, I don’t want to look crumpled and feel icky in the clothes I slept in when I arrive at my destination. Lastly, I seriously recommend a good skincare and hygiene kit. Mine includes wet wipes, a hydrating face mist, tooth brushing equipment, deodorant, face serum, moisturizer and nasal spray. All travel size of course. These all just mean I feel much fresher and hydrated when I land.


Gear Guidelines

This last tip is really a few tips but I’m grouping them under the general heading of luggage. Firstly, a bag tag with your contact details can save you from possible disaster, trust me I have had my bag taken by someone who thought it was theirs and having my number on it meant it was resolved much sooner. If you like a bit of shopping, as one does, then I also suggest a handy portable bag scale so you don’t have to go through the indecency of unpacking your bag in the check in line. Lastly, I absolutely love my bag organizer which allows me to pack into smaller rectangle bags. These fit well into my suitcase and allow me to sort my clothing by category or out fir and it all stays folded as well as compacted for maximum efficiency.


I hope these tips help you as much as they have helped me, bon voyage!

by Raine Tauber

@rainetauber on instagram and twitter 


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