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Kinda like it when it goes POP!

Kinda like it when it goes POP! New York Fashion week is at its end and my, was it glorious! We saw designers living up to their reputation of wooing crowds with their dreamy creations and others breaking away from their preppy image to have some fun: reggae beats, disco divas and grownup silhouettes graced the runway. In keeping with the current trends, we saw gorgeous creations inspired by the seventies, with nods to the nineties and romantic threads of gothic designs weaving throughout. And then there’s Jeremy Scott. I must say his 2014 designs for Moschino was kinda lost on me; the whole “let’s wear candy wrappers, who lives in a pineapple under the sea” vibe didn’t quite speak to...

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Oh Oh Oh It's Magic!

I remember the day I heard that fashion will now be taking cues from Seinfeld, calling it “Normcore”. It was a sad day. Doubt formed in my heart: do I really love fashion that much? Is this really the industry I want to be in? I felt betrayed and confused. Hurt, even. See, I grew up in the nineties and even then I didn’t quite get it. The Alice band bubble (a total disaster if you had a cowlick anywhere near your fringe), scrunchies, Spice Girl platforms (in which I could outrun any boy, I’ll have you know), it’s all still so very fresh in my memory. I shudder when I see a moonbag and I would never ever own...

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Is Vivienne Westwood an imposter?

What is it that gets you excited? I’m talking butterflies in the stomach, twinkle in the eye, childhood dreams coming true kind of excitement. Is it the thought of ditching your 9 to 5 and opening an allergen free bakery? Or do you dream of designing your own range and become a couturier overnight, like Victoria Beckham or Mary Haines of The Women? You daydream and get all excited until that little nagging voice in the back of your mind starts telling you you’re being silly. You’re never going to accomplish that. You’re not even qualified! And even if you could ever muster up the courage to do it, you probably won’t be any good anyway. So why even try?...

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Nixon | New Collection

The new Nixon Collection this season came with a big bang!  We are extremely excited about the new designs, offering us a wide selection of different styles. We are very impressed with the diverse range and have chosen our favourites already, have you?  With Stylist David Leroux Lascurain we have created the Nixon Rope Campaign to show you (just a few) of the new range. "When you choose to wear a watch... you deserve to have something that reflects your entire package." ( We definitely think you will be able to find a watch today that suits you 100%.Nixon Men's Watches | Nixon Women's Watches The Kensington Leather is on of our all-time favourites, she is a real classic! Shop here. The...

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The Uncovered Treasures Of African Fashion

  Centuries ago, explorers flocked to the wild continent of Africa in search of adventures, new discoveries and treasures. Countless men risked their lives and travelled to this unknown world upon hearing rumours of gold, beautiful women, strange wildlife roaming the vast plains and many more such tales. What they found would inspire and intrigue the world for centuries to come. And still does, to this day.  Africa has been explored, ploughed over and colonised from Cape to Cairo but still she has kept her culture strong, her personality shines through stronger than ever.  These days, travellers use the Internet and social media platforms to discover this still unknown continent. And still they are intrigued, fascinated and sometimes somewhat confused...

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