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Tight Wine Bottle Stopper

Eva Solo

Tight Wine Bottle Stopper

R 380.00
The 2011 developed wine accessories collection consists of wine Catalyst Replacement, foil cutter, corkscrew, bottle stopper and a bottle opener.
'"I Had occasion with some colleagues take part in a blind tasting and we were able all of us that have the new wine catalytic converter by Eva Solo has positive effects on the wine. Especially stellten we find out that the wine in our assessment 1 to 2 year older was published, as it was in fact said Rasmus Amdi Larsen, Drittpl Atzierter at the Danish Cham Pionships For Sommeliers 2011
'"It's On The wavelength are magnetic fields marked the wine fast tyres. The result is a round and full of wine taste. I am sure that the wine fast matures the rasmus, which has been used as a Sommelier Operating in the restaurant Oubµk in Copenhagen.
The function of the wine/catalytic converter is unique. When pouring is described by the magnetic fields the water barrier around the fragrance open and therefore that are released. At the same time Getting Serstoff in of the wine, meaning that is opened. The delay and Gemächliche pouring the wine to retain its freshness and its aromas. The wine catalytic converter neutralises the tannins and continues the natural ageing process of wine in motion. Meaning it can be in the full, round, and better.
Be Added To The Collection is also a functional bottle stopper that so popular that Abdichtet a bottle can be placed horizontally in the fridge, lost without requiring the services of a drop.
'"We wanted a wine collection it into your own distinct profile. Humans are quizzical and will testing of them is Henrik Holbµk, an from the designers of tools design that is ideal for gaining EVA SOLO has adorned many design awards.