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Vanguard Brush and Acrylic Dripstand
Vanguard Brush and Acrylic Dripstand
Vanguard Brush and Acrylic Dripstand

BlueBeards Revenge

Vanguard Brush and Acrylic Dripstand

R 500.00

The Bluebeards Revenge “Vanguard” Synthetic Shaving Brush is a state-of-the-art shaving brush beautifully made by British craftsmen. Guilt-free shaving as no animals were harmed in the making of this shaving instrument!

Teamed with the drip stand as well it will look just so parked in your bathroom.

1 x “Vanguard” Synthetic Shaving Brush
1 x Acrylic Drip Stand


The latest addition to the Bluebeards Revenge range, the “Vanguard” is a brush with synthetic ‘bristles’ designed to mimic the properties of badger hair with regards to softness and water retention properties.

This luxurious brush is ideal for those seeking a vegetarian and vegan friendly shaving brush. Beautifully packed in a presentation box.

Bristle Diameter: 45mm
Bristle Length: 50mm
Overall Length: 100mm
Handle Diameter: 38mm


Increase your brush life with this stylish drip stand! This clear acrylic drip stand is ideal for storing, presenting and correctly drying your brush. Fits brushes with 21 mm necks. Comes complete with The Bluebeards Revenge logo.

Made from clear acrylic
Fits brushes up to 21mm